There Is No Excuse For Shoddy Reporting



Those of us who know John R. Hanna, a real estate agent in Payson, are outraged by your libelous falsehoods printed about him in your paper. Your reporter, Michael Maresh, should be held accountable for the shoddy reporting, and you and your staff should be held accountable as well.

The basics of good journalism require that you verify potentially damaging information before you print it. This obviously did not occur. John Hannar was booked into the jail, and that was the name that should have been printed.

Your reporter got it wrong, without excuse. This was more like schoolyard gossip than professional journalism.

Those of us who know Mr. Hanna, knew the story to be false. However, Mr. Hanna is a businessman in the community, and his reputation, and perhaps his livelihood has been damaged by your misinformation. It is now up to you to correct this situation.

John Hanna is a man of integrity and character, and deserves to have a clear and public apology. Nothing less than a front page correction will suffice.

My family in Payson subscribes to your paper, and you can be sure that the subscription will be canceled if this situation is not corrected quickly and prominently.

Kathy Hedges, Phoenix

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