Ghost Hunters Draw A Crowd


The biggest phenomenon discovered during the latest ghost hunt at Main Street Grille is the number of people who like a good haunting.

Representatives of Arizona Paranormal Investigations spoke to two standing-room-only crowds at Main Street Grille late Saturday afternoon. The API volunteers were in Payson to share findings from more than 20 hours of video and audio investigation at the Main Street Grille in early November 2006.


A member of the Arizona Paranormal Investigations team shows a picture he believes shows the ghost of a woman standing in the right-hand corner Saturday night.

Participating in the ghost hunt in November were seven people from API and two members of the Main Street Grille staff.

According to the findings, the API people sensed the spirit of a female child, a woman and a man. During one of the investigative sessions, the group asked how many spirits were present -- one member said he heard a woman say, "There are five," and another said she heard a woman say, "There are four."

In addition to hunting the ghosts, the group also worked to find explanations of some of the phenomena experienced by restaurant personnel.

This summer, the bottles in the bar started rattling for no apparent reason. The API people believe the rattling was due to one of two small earthquakes that occurred in the Prescott area and Verde Valley.

An upstairs door opens and closes by itself. The investigation found that by stepping on one particular floorboard, the door would either open or close.

While conducting the investigation, the API team experienced no flying objects -- it has been reported bottles of A1 Steak Sauce would fly from its designated place across the kitchen to a counter.

"Just because it didn't happen when we were here does not mean it doesn't happen," said James Kelly of API.

What the group did experience and record were Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and photographic images. Using sound equipment throughout the building at 202 W. Main St. in Payson, two voices were recorded, one saying "hard" when asked to speak up by the investigators, another -- a female child -- saying, "Say goodbye" as two of the API representatives were leaving one room to go to another. Photographic images, API representatives said, showed images of a man and a woman in a doorway, a dog and a female child.

The group has given Main Street Grille a Class 6 Haunting rating, which means they have at least one photo image and one recorded voice phenomena.

Other phenomena the group reported: A tugging sensation on the clothes of two different investigators, the smell of lilacs in the bar area, and two people had the sensation of being touched.

While Main Street Grille has a lot of haunted activity and energy, none of it is negative, Kelly said. The group is returning for more investigation in the spring and has been asked to look into unusual phenomena in another business on Main Street.

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