Mayor Calls Discussion Of Water Agreement ‘Waste Of Time'

Water agreement between Payson and Star Valley dies after one too many revisions


The intergovernmental water agreement between the towns of Payson and Star Valley appears to be dead.

Last Thursday, Star Valley voted to approve the agreement after making some modifications on the draft the Payson council passed the week before.


Bob Edwards

Mayor Bob Edwards said what was given back to Payson was unacceptable, and called the talks and discussions with Star Valley a waste of time.

He said Payson made a minor amendment in the agreement before sending it back to Star Valley.

Edwards said he did not agree with the amendment, and told Star Valley that the agreement could likely be approved without the amendment if that was a sticking point.

"They backed out," the Payson mayor said. "Star Valley took it and totally revamped it."

Edwards previously suggested a conference committee with Star Valley to find solutions to the agreement, but that idea was rejected.


Chuck Heron

"For whatever reason, Star Valley does not want an agreement," he said. "It's not even close (to what we could accept). They rewrote that whole agreement."

Edwards said he does not plan to waste any more time on the water agreement, and has given the council copies of the rewritten version.

He said, while the towns cannot agree what should be in the water agreement, it does not mean the two cannot sit down and begin the process from scratch.

The council, this past year, authorized the town to spend no more than $50,000 on a safe-yield study for the Tower Well. The study must be completed by Jan. 31.

Edwards said he thinks Star Valley may want to wait until this study is complete before coming to an agreement with Payson.

He added that Star Valley could be fearful of the Town of Payson because of a past resolution, but the agreement was an attempt to work through that.

The agreement, he said, would have helped Star Valley.

"We have thrown them a life preserver, and for whatever reason they have decided not to grab it," he said. "I am not going to waste time on something that I am convinced they are not going to pass."

The earliest the Payson council can officially respond is at its Jan. 18 council meeting, though Edwards said that item will not be on the agenda.

Star Valley Mayor Chuck Heron said he has no clue as to why the agreement was not acceptable to Payson.

"It was a straightforward basic agreement," Heron said. "I have got no clue why it is not an acceptable agreement.

"All we can do is let it play out and see what the Town of Payson has in mind."

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