One More Letter About Animal Abuse



OK. One more letter about animal abuse. First, I would like to commend Rena Rogers on her letter to the Payson Roundup, Dec. 26, 2006.

Yes, she was mad but her letter was to the point -- angry but poignant at the same time. I think it was very well-done and all that she had written needed to be said.

In a recent Arizona Republic there is a horrendous article about the abuse and death of two 6-week-old Shih Tzu puppies, both female and both sexually abused to the point of death.

Meanwhile, Payson is involved in the disgusting and sad acts of cat killings. I know there are probably thousands of acts of animal abuse that never even make the news. Without a long dissertation on the psychology behind these acts, my question is simple -- why?

Why would anyone subject another living creature to pain, terror and death? What is this? Boredom? Pure viciousness and cruelty? Fun? Whoever you are, do you do this and go home thinking you're a "big man"? Do you get some satisfaction from kicking around small and helpless animals?

A word to animal abusers ... the really big man is the man who bends down and gives those animals a loving touch, food and shelter. The abuser performs his nastiness in shadow and darkness, in secret, sneaky and sly.

Not only do you grossly violate the responsibility we have to protect helpless and dependent creatures, but, just before you kill or torture them, you destroy the faith and trust they have for human beings. I honestly don't know how you can live with the knowledge of what you do.

A bug in your ear, whoever you are. Those animals that you have hurt will be forever screaming in your nightmares.

Cherry Marrone, Payson

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