Please Continue To Support Our President



I have no problem with President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq. He will have covered all the bases with his military commanders and with the Iraqi leadership before implementing the plan.

I have no problem with his, and the troops, wanting to stay until the job is done.

A good leader does not abandon a project. Many adjustments have been made, many more will probably be required.

I do agree that planting the seeds of democracy in that part of the country will eventually lead to an improvement in the whole area with many difficulties and obstacles to overcome.

But, we don't want to give up just because it is difficult.

It was fine how the justice system and hanging of Saddam was done by their own people.

Certainly his killings were much more brutal and unjust, and now, those who think he might come back will be certain that he will not.

In addition to the troops, they need to send in trucks behind the tanks to pick up all the dissidents on the streets. These young men need to be employed.

They have tremendous unemployment in the country, particularly the young. Pick up these on the streets, cull out the Iranians and other countries, send them to the farms to raise crops for the Iraqi people. Take the Iraqis to the brick yards and have them make bricks and teach them how to rebuild the homes and buildings and homes that have been blown up and give the Iraqis a place to live in peace.

We sent Agriculture and Reconstruction experts to Iraq to train and lead in the rebuilding of the country devastated by Saddam. We are not looking much better because the destruction continues under our leadership, not because that is what we want, but as a result of the fighting.

Give us a report on who we sent to lead in these programs, what they have done and the results. We send a lot of money to do good things and then never get a report on what was accomplished.

For instance, Saddam built 51 palaces with our oil for food money. If we hadn't invaded, he would have had 52, one for every week of the year.

Think of how many homes he could have funded for his own people.

Please continue to support our President. The Democrats are going to need a lot of time to get their act together and they are so divided, it will take more than Madame Pelosi to provide a plan and the leadership to accomplish anything.

Peggy Smith, Payson

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