Resolve To Take A Flying Lesson This Year



Here's a New Year's resolution that will send your readers' minds and bodies soaring: Take a flying lesson.

Project Pilot, a learn-to-fly education initiative sponsored by the non-profit Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, can give readers a chance to fly an airplane for what could be their most memorable and exhilarating experience of 2007. That "introductory" flight lesson, available for as little as $49 at a flight school nearby, can lead to a variety of personal and career opportunities.

Becoming a private pilot can enhance your lifestyle in ways that are immeasurable. Imagine being able to start the New Year flying off to a warm place for golf with a client, or taking the family to dinner in another city on the spur of the moment. All this and more is possible with as little as 40 hours of flight instruction, and with the price of a pilot's license ranging from $4,000 to $7,000, paid over the duration of your training, the idea isn't so far-fetched.

Once you earn your license, you don't have to buy a plane to start flying. More than half of all pilots rent airplanes for as little as $65 per flight hour. Whether it's the first step to a new hobby or just a one-time experience, your readers can find all the information they need, including a local flight school, at

Since firsthand experience is the only way to get a full taste of what flying is like, I'd like to invite you to take a free introductory flight lesson at an airport nearby. You'll actually be at the controls as you taxi, take off, fly and land, all under the guidance of an FAA-licensed flight instructor.

As resolutions go, flying an airplane sure beats dieting.

Gary Frisch, Account Executive, Project Pilot, Barton Gilanelli & Associates

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