Thank You To Those Who Helped Phs Football



My son, David Hill, played on the Payson High School Varsity Football Team this year. Even though there were many challenges for the team, the coaches faced each one of them with honor. I am grateful for the outstanding examples the following coaches set. They provided hope and inspiration to the entire team and the community of Payson:

Josh Anderson, head coach

Kenny Hayes, defense coordinator

Brian Young, wide receivers

Joe Parone, special teams coordinator

Brett Morse, defensive backs

Bob Hoyt, offensive line

Less Barr, defensive line

Jerod Torrey, athletic trainer

Troy Ford, video coordinator

Bill Lawson, stats

I express heartfelt thanks to Dr. Olivia Morris. She helped David with an injured knee and hand. She was so generous with her time, resources and energy to help our athletes be healthy and safe.

Rose Hill, Payson

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