What's Up?


Q: There are a number of big holiday movies that we didn't get, such as "The Holiday," "The Fountain," "Stranger than Fiction" and "Dreamgirls." Might they be coming? What causes the movies to come late to Payson?

A: According to Sawmill Theatres assistant manager Bonnie Weigand, "The Fountain" is a maybe, the theater will most likely get "Dreamgirls," and she does not know about "Stranger than Fiction." "The Holiday," starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet is opening at Sawmill Theatres Friday, Jan. 12.

The reasons rural theaters get movies later is that there are far more movies than screens, plus studios only release a certain number of prints of a particular film and those prints go to big cities first.

Q: Is the man who grew those wonderful tomatoes off Airport Road out of business? If so, is there any chance someone else may replace him?

A: Scott Dahlman, who owned Dahlman Gardens, said there may be someone selling hydroponic tomatoes by July.

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