Take A Hike


As the new year begins, this is a good time to set yourself up with a long list of lofty, if possible, goals.

One such goal is to tackle the Arizona Trail -- bottom to top -- in its entirety.

The Arizona Trail is an 800-mile hiking trail that begins in northern Mexico, continues to Arizona and ends in Utah. It crosses deserts, mountains and cities.

While the rest of the saps of the world take on the Appalachian Trail en masse, why not try something different?

According to the trail's Web site, www.aztrail.org the trail is almost complete. More than 720 miles have been signed and are open to the public.

The trail is divided into 43 sections ranging from 11 to 35 miles in length, which means you can tackle one piece at a time if you aren't ready to give up months of your life to a long walk.

If you like the idea of this trail and would like to help, visit the Web site and you will see a listing of volunteer opportunities.

The next opportunity is on Jan. 20 for some trail rehabilitation work in the Red Rock Road section. Meet at 7 a.m. at the post office in Patagonia, 60 miles from Tucson. Call Richard Corbett at (520) 623-0017 for more information.

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