Fire Department Receives $95,000 From Homeland Security


A $95,000 grant the Department of Homeland Security recently awarded to the Payson Fire Department will be used for improvements at its Main Street station.

Congressman Rick Renzi said the Payson Fire Department was chosen for the grant because of the town's proximity to the national forest.


Payson Fire Department Battalion Chief Tom Fife is looking forward to the new sprinkler and exhaust systems the Main Street fire station will be able to purchase through a recent Homeland Security grant.

Renzi said, the funds will be received by the fire department in the next 60 to 90 days.

Payson Fire Department Battalion Chief Tom Fife said the town had to match the grant with $5,000.

Fife said the funds will be used to provide sprinklers and valve exhaust systems at the Main Street station.

Once the department receives the funds, it has one year to use the money or it will revert back to the federal government.

After announcing the grant award, Renzi discussed several other priorities for Payson in the coming year.

He said finding a way to transport water from the CC Craig Dam, also known as the Blue Ridge Reservoir, is still a high priority.

Funding is a important piece of making this project a reality, but, he said, how much this pipeline will cost is unknown at this time.

"Planning will tell us the scope," the Congressman said.

Renzi also said he is still working on a 2007 farm bill involving the use of biomass fuel as a way to give tax credits for farmers who use alternative fuel methods.

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