Former Creekers Enjoy Life On The Road



Can you believe that I had to go to the airport to pick up my mother the day after the big football game?

Of all the days for her to fly in from Pittsburgh, she chose the busiest day of the year.

Yes, they said the day after the big football game between Ohio State and Florida was supposed to be the busiest day of the year at the airport -- even busier than Thanksgiving. I forgot that around 150,000 football fans were going to be leaving Phoenix to get back to Ohio and Florida, and I don't think the Ohio State people were happy campers because they lost.

That said, it really wasn't all that bad. I only had to circle the airport about five times. For me, that's pretty normal. It was a nice day in the Valley, so I did not mind the ride.

Mom comes out every year to get away from the cold winters back East. Although this year I think we are colder.

Speaking of happy campers, the other day I got a call from Erik and Nancy Olsen, former owners of Grey Hackle. They are one of the residents of Christopher Creek who decided to purchase a motor home and travel the world.

They are now in Arkansas, and enjoying it. Erik said they were in Florida for a while, but did not like it there and didn't recommend we ever visit.

He said that he and Nancy will be back home sometime around March and look forward to seeing everyone again.

Other happy campers out on that big highway of life are Bob and Sam Conklin, who I spoke to this past week. They are in Tucson and have been traveling all over the place. They expect to be back in Christopher Creek sometime in February for another visit, and hope to see some of the locals while here.

I asked them all how they like being on the road and they all are quite comfortable with their travels. I somehow could never see myself living on wheels. I have to be grounded in my own home with my own yard. We have been working to get a cell tower installed so we can use our cell phones up here. We had an area that was high enough, but it seems our chosen location isn't acceptable for the county. If anyone knows of an area in Christopher Creek that would be an acceptable place for a cell phone tower, let me know. We would like to tie into Forest Lakes and Star Valley so we can have service up here. This would also help the thousands of people who travel through this area and break down and need to get help without having to walk or wait.

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