Heart Defibrillator Installed At Payson Public Library

16 of the machines now in public places around town


Chances of survival are slim if immediate action is not taken after an individual suffers a heart attack.

In August, a woman collapsed at the Mazatzal Casino, and two off-duty fire department employees saved her life by taking immediate action and using an automated defibrillator that the casino has on site.


Captain Dan Bramble, left, of the Payson Fire Department trains Payson Public Library Director Terry Morris, Douglas Mann of Energy West and Judy Baker of Mogollon Health Alliance how to properly use a new automated defibrillator.

Emergency personnel were notified, but the ambulance was still minutes away when the first shocks were delivered to the woman's chest.

The defibrillator restarted the woman's heart, and she regained consciousness.

This is a story that can be heard again and again as more businesses and public facilities install Automatic External Defibrillators on site.

This week, the Payson Public Library received the device, thanks for Energy West.

On Tuesday morning, the Mogollon Health Alliance and the Payson Fire Department coordinated a training for employees of the library.

Payson Fire Department Capt. Dan Bramble said an AED machine is basically a small computer and can detect heart irregularities.

He said an individual's chances of surviving a heart attack or some other cardiac ailment decreases every minute action is not taken.

"The heart usually quivers, and only electricity can correct that," Bramble said.

Bramble said the fire department became involved in Energy West's gift through the Public Access Defibrillation Program.

On Tuesday, Bramble showed the staff how easy it was to use a defibrillator by demonstrating on a mannequin.

There are three buttons to use with an AED.

After the first button is pressed to start, the machine gives voice instructions, explaining where to place two pads on the patient's body.

The defibrillator at the library is the 16th machine to be installed in Payson.

"There are 16 AEDs in our community to keep it a safer (place)," Bramble said.

He said the goal is to place the machines in all public areas people regularly visit.

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