High Winds Down Trees In Bear Flat, Spare Tonto Village



What did you think of those high winds we had this past weekend? The winds were so strong on Saturday night, my wind chimes barely stayed on my front porch and the noise kept me awake most of the night. The winds literally whistled through the ponderosa pine trees.

I have not heard of any damage from the winds to any structures in the Village as of today. I was extremely worried about the dead pine trees that surround our Village.


The 405A road to Bear Flat off of Route 260 was closed for a while because of a very large ponderosa pine tree that fell across the road during high winds the area experienced this past weekend.

Luckily, there were no incidents of fallen trees in Tonto Village, but in Bear Flat a rather large tree fell across the 405A road and halted local traffic until one of the residents cut it in two, so residents in the area could get out of Bear Flat.


A very important wedding anniversary will be recognized on Jan. 16. Charlie and Ruby Terry will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Anyone who has lived in the Village for any amount of time knows this wonderful couple. Their health has been a bit iffy this past year, but they seem to just bounce right back.

All of us in the Village wish Charlie and Ruby a happy anniversary.

Belated birthday

I missed a birthday this past week, but for a good reason. I did not know that Stu Stewart of Tonto Village I celebrated his big day on Jan. 3.

Stu is very talented in metal works and graciously donated some of his artwork to the Tonto Village Auxiliary to the fire department at our last Labor Day Bash.

Happy belated birthday to you, Stu, we hope that you have a wonderful year ahead of you.

Get Well

Grace Daniels of Tonto Village III has undergone surgery recently for a pacemaker to be placed in her chest. Take it easy, Grace. We are anxiously waiting for you to return to the Dominoes group.

Dara Sutton had a colonoscopy procedure this past week with good results. This procedure is so important for everyone, because of the high incidence of colon cancer. It is definitely a silent killer.

Since I am now a "survivor" of colon cancer, I cannot stress enough the urgency of everyone to have this procedure done.

Tonto Village Water Company update

Bill Snyder, the on-site manager of the water company, has submitted his resignation to the company, effective April 1, 2007.

Bill regrets this decision, but it is necessary considering he is remodeling our original cabin. He needs the time to complete this project before this next coming winter season.

He urges anyone who has some free time to contact the water company on the Web site and check out the job description that Mr. Standage has added for anyone who is interested. The manager need not be a resident of the Village, but can live a few miles away, and also needs to have a telephone.

The Web site is www.tvwc.biz or e-mail tvwc@tvwc.biz.

Tonto Village Chapel

The very first Men's Breakfast will be held at the Chapel on Jan. 15. Pastor Charles Wilcox will be cooking the eggs, with Phon Sutton assisting with the hash brown potatoes. It will be a full breakfast, so come with a good appetite.

All the good food will be ready at 7:30 a.m. at the Chapel. Call Pastor Wilcox at (928) 472-4503 so that he has some idea as to how much food to cook.

Women's Bible Study

The next session will be Tuesday, Jan. 16, at 10 a.m. the topic will be "Angels." The topic proves to be a very interesting subject, such as "Where do the angels come from? Who are the angels and are they around all the time?"

I know I will be there. How about you?

Pool results

The high winds in the Village this weekend did not affect the pool players in the least. Of course, it did help to hold the games inside at the Double D Restaurant and Saloon. Cliff Landrum must have been practicing his bank shots before the game. He shot for first place on Sunday afternoon. Joe Ferriera and Tim Ehrhardt gave Cliff some stiff competition, but only managed second and third places.

The nine-ball gals hit the pool tables on Tuesday evening and Payge Ferriera shot for the top spot. Patty Boeschling of Christopher Creek and Betty Koutz were second and third places. Congratulations to all the winners.

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