Marge Hanscom Is Truly Missed



I would like to first apologize for the delay of this letter. Vacations, sickness and holidays left me short-staffed the past two months of 2006. This letter should have been written weeks ago.

I would like to take a moment to tell you how much Marge Hanscom is missed by the personnel in my office. Marge was always cheerful, always proficient, always pleasant. She turned the ads we sent via e-mail into proofs and faxed them back to us along with the charges with amazing promptness.

Marge always beat the bigger papers, with their bigger systems, with her efficiency. Her work ethic rivals anything I've come across in years.

Monday mornings, she always had a snippet of a story about her weekend to share with Kathy, my typesetter. We discovered several years ago how old she was (Marge was 80 when she died) and were absolutely astonished. The woman was vim and vigor personified.

Thank you for sharing Marge with us. I am sure you know how lucky you were to have her.

Mary K. Wendel, President, MK Consultants, Inc., Phoenix

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