Nothin' But A Hound Dog



Hound breeds have evolved to aid man in his pursuit of game species. They are noted for their speed, great stamina, lean, powerful bodies, deep chests and, above all, their incredibly sensitive and keen noses.

Most hounds hunt by scent. Ground scenters trail slowly with their heads low, whereas air scenters hunt with their heads held breast high. Sight hunters, like the Rhodesian ridgeback, Borzoi and Afghan hound, can see long distances and follow their prey swiftly, never losing sight of it. There are also treeing hounds that pursue tree-climbing animals, keeping them there until the hunter arrives.

Hounds bay loudly when they have cornered prey to attract the attention of the hunter.

Hound colors are typically black, tan and white. They come in many sizes depending on the size of their intended prey. Consider the variety of sizes in these hound breeds: dachshund, beagle, bloodhound, Norwegian elkhound, catahoula leopard dog, English foxhound, and the six breeds of coonhounds.

The most popular scent hound in the U. S. is the beagle, closely followed by the dachshund. Scent hounds are gregarious, friendly and used to working alongside their human companions in the field. They can be difficult to obedience train because their super-sensitive noses are constantly being bombarded by enticing and distracting odors. They should not be let off leash because they retain high prey drive. They can be noisy because of their tendency to bay.

Nowadays, scent hounds are often trained to use their magnificent scenting powers to detect drugs, hidden explosives and other contraband items. They are sent on missions to find escaped criminals or lost individuals. And, of course, they are welcomed into our homes as gentle and loyal family members.

It just so happens that we have some adoptable hounds, hound mixes and one pointer at the Payson Humane Society animal shelter, 812 S. McLane Rd. Can you help get them out of "Heartbreak Hotel?"


Maggie is a very cute, loveable 1-year-old spayed female beagle. She has a happy, friendly disposition and doesn't know a soul she doesn't like. She gets along fine with the other dogs at our shelter when they play together.

Being a merry hound breed, Maggie has a propensity to follow her nose and wander with abandon, so her new owner will need to recognize this trait in her and take proper precautions.

Meanwhile, Maggie is eager to become part of a happy, loving family and promises to give it her all to make them love her forever.


Dixie is a super friendly, 3-year-old, spayed female black, tan and white hound mix. She has a lovely, well-proportioned body with long, slender legs and a tail that curls into a circle. But her best feature is her inner beauty.

She is well-behaved and walks like a princess on leash -- easy as pie. She is a sensitive and responsive dog who listens to you and obeys.

She gets along great with other dogs at the dog park. Her positive attitude and even disposition make her a highly desirable companion. We give Miss Dixie the Golden Bone Award!


Brutus is a loveable 6-year-old, neutered male black and tan coonhound/rottweiler mix. This big guy is all personality and tail wags. He has a heart as big as the state of Arizona and his motto is: A bone in every bowl.

Brutus gets along well with all sizes of people and dogs. He is one of our personal favorites because he's always in a good mood, and makes you feel like you should be, too.

He's easy to walk on leash and minds well. Brutus is just a baby in big dog clothes!


Harvey is a happy, handsome 1-year-old, neutered male black and tan coonhound. He is a beautiful dog from the pleading expression on his face to his proudly forward-curling tail. He is long and slender with narrow hips, and has a resonant bugle voice. Harvey has a dear personality and is a very agreeable dog.

He walks on leash without pulling, and minds his manners. He is content to stay in the house as a family pet or go for outings in the forest to exercise his body and keen nose.

Because he is scent driven, his owners must be watchful that he does not get separated from them! Walking him on leash is the best remedy for wanderlust.


Candice is a gentle, 9-year-old, spayed female pointer. She is mostly white with large, brown spots on one side of her body. She came to our shelter as a stray and we are working on fattening her up, for she is a slender girl.

She is very easy to walk on leash and she enjoys "reading the doggie newspaper" with her keen nose.

Candice would love to find a home with a kind, loving family who would let her lie in front of the hearth in the winter and on a shady, green lawn in the summer.

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