Reaction To Cat Killing Disturbing, Hypocritical



I am writing because I feel that our community has been straying from the facts. Although I do feel that the death of a cat is unfortunate, I think the reaction has been much worse. The fact is that one cat was killed on a boy's property, and the cat did not have a collar. However, as a result, certain members of our community have decided to become vigilant and have threatened to shoot and kill any boy who comes around.

I have been the recipient of such threats. I personally find this fact very disturbing and hypocritical -- especially since most of the young men in Pine are innocent, yet as a result of another person's action, cannot walk the streets of their own community safely.

It is also difficult to understand how someone who claims to be a "loving and compassionate person" could be armed and waiting for any young man to cross his or her path. A peaceful, loving and compassionate person once said, "An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind" (Mahatma Gandhi). I hope that we can all take this to heart and have faith in our justice system, because they are dealing with it.

But if you are one of those truly concerned citizens, and cannot let the issue go, I suggest you adopt Hillary Clinton's idea that it takes a community to raise a child, and become active in our local schools. According to recent editorials, apparently this community feels that the parents of these boys are horrible people and neglect teaching their children.

So, I suggest we as a community become involved and help the parents teach their children correct principles. I think we all should volunteer at our schools to teach our youth love and compassion.

This whole issue has been approached with hate, anger and vengeance. But instead, we should take Gandhi's approach and only show our sympathy, love and compassion. Rather than punish, we should teach and make restitution -- for true love and compassion is forgiveness.

Ammon Carter, Pine

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