Water Task Force Member Calls For Action


On Tuesday night, John Breninger presented his perspective on the findings of the mayor's water task force.

If the town does not take action to monitor and conserve its water supply, he said, there will be a big problem by the year 2022. He told the council that Payson exceeded its safe yield in 2004 and could be headed for depletion by 2022. The task force made seven recommendations.

  • Manage the wells to generate the needed data for both water production and sustainability monitoring.
  • Develop programming to analyze data and minimize labor.
  • Develop the programmable algorithms to constantly display safe yield and the status of the aquifers.
  • Collect and manage precipitation and water recharge data.
  • Collect and manage water quality data.
  • Maintain historical continuity and periodic performance assessments.
  • Clarify status of NP-2 well.

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