Flags Are To Be Flown Half-Staff Until Jan. 25



On Dec. 30, 2006, the President of the United States in his radio address to the Nation paid tribute to the 38th President, Gerald R. Ford. In this message, the President also ordered the American flags to fly at half-staff for 30 days in Ford's honor.

I would have to question at this time, "Who ordered the flags in our community to be returned to full display at the top and not remaining at half-staff as ordered by the President of the United States?"

This is not a political preference, this is respect for our nation and the passing of one of our presidents who has served the citizens of this great nation.

I am hoping that an article in your paper with attention to this request from the President of the United States is in order to remind the citizens of our community of their responsibility to this country and return their flag displays to the ordered half-staff until Jan. 25.

Jim Scheidt, Payson

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