Skipping College No Longer An Option In Changing World


The world is changing faster than we can find the words to describe that change.

Not so many years ago, anyone could graduate from high school and find a job that would last through much of their lifetime.

But lifelong loyalty -- from companies or individuals -- is a rare thing today. And the manufacturing jobs that were once plentiful have moved across borders and oceans.

As the next generation enters the work force, they will face pages of job listings that require more mind than muscle.

While there are indeed many exceptions of successful people who made it in the world without a college degree -- Bill Gates is a favorite example -- those people stand out because they are the exception.

For those parents who did not attend college and even for those who did, it can be overwhelming to guide your child through the mountain of application paperwork and financial decisions that need to be made. It also may seem that there is no help.

We believe the worst thing you can do is give up. The decision of whether or not to go to college or a trade school after graduation will affect your options for the rest of your life.

In our community -- where many have retired from successful careers and are willing to help those at the beginning of theirs -- there is a truly incredible list of local organizations and individuals who offer scholarships.

The counseling office at Payson High School provides a list of these scholarships, but by simply looking at the list, it's hard to know which scholarships are best for you.

Some are offered to students going into certain professions. Others are awarded depending on grade point average, while some simply look at your financial need.

The Payson Rotary Club and the Payson Roundup have partnered to host the first annual Scholarship Fair to help parents and students wade through the local opportunities and make college a financial reality.

The Scholarship Fair will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. Feb. 2 in the Rim Country Middle School gymnasium. Local organizations and individuals who have money for college will be on hand to answer questions and provide any needed paperwork. The event is free and we encourage you to attend.

Choosing not to go to college may seem like an easy out after graduation. You may find a job in a restaurant that seems to be paying well, but that easy out will slowly turn into a hard road.

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