Volunteers Make Thrift Store A Fun Place To Work



I just have to brag. I think volunteers are wonderful people.

I am the new manager of the "Almost New Shop" for the Mogollon Health Alliance, and we are staffed by some of the kindest, sweetest, hard working people I have ever met. I came to the job -- a confirmed thrift store shopper -- and learned just how much work it takes to keep things going, and it just couldn't be done without our fantastic volunteers. They actually make the work fun and it is a pleasure to be there with them. Don't get me wrong -- they work -- and they do it all to contribute to our community.

All the money we earn stays in our community in the form of health and education programs, like scholarships for nursing students, the Women's Wellness Forum, the "Care Fair" where many of you get your yearly flu shots, and so much more. We are currently raising money to acquire a dialysis center for Payson residents. This is truly a worthwhile work to be done.

I also want to thank all our donors for thinking of us when they clean their closets -- and our many regular customers for keeping things moving.

But I couldn't miss the opportunity to tell the people I work with daily how much their support has meant to me and just how great I think they are. We are always looking for more dedicated people to keep this shop going. You couldn't give your time to a more worthy cause. Stop in and visit us -- maybe join us.

We work hard, but we sure have fun and would love to have you volunteer or just shop with us. Looking forward to a great 2007. Thanks for your support.

Nancy Gartner, Almost New Shop Manager, Payson

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