Workshop Helps Writers, Artists Make More Profit With Less Stress


A workshop for writers, artists and other creative types aims to help this entrepreneurial group create more profit and less stress.

A panel of three speakers, who are experts in their creative fields, will provide sensible tips for small business growth.

Nationally known artist and photographer Bernadette Heath will speak about embracing changes in the marketplace, staying true to your creative spirit and collaborating for profit.

"The ability to cooperate is a nice gift to have," Heath said.

Collaboration has been easy for Heath and Janet Farnsworth who have collaborated on three books and more than 60 stories.

"She sees the subject in pictures and I see it in light," Heath said.

Certified public accountant Marguerite Turlukis, will discuss tax-saving strategies for small businesses, home office issues, recordkeeping and the benefits of a limited liability company (LLC) and 401(k) plan.

Writer, public relations consultants and educator Carol Osman Brown rounds out the afternoon. Her topic is business promotion.

"There are a lot of people that only think they write one thing," Osman Brown said. Entrepreneurs need to look at all their skills. Just because you have not, for example, written a newsletter, does not mean that you are not capable of writing a newsletter.

"When my husband was first approached to write a grant, he turned the job down because he had not done it before," she said. "He found that free grant training was offered by different agencies and his next three grant writing assignments were successful."

Osman Brown will also share tips on networking, and attracting clients with better proposals.

"You can do a lot more than you think you can if you don't put blocks in front of yourself," she said.

The workshop is sponsored by Arizona Press Women.

It will be held from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Friday, Jan. 19, in the Payson Public Library's Community Room at 328 N. McLane Road. Admission is $10 with advance reservation (by Wednesday) and $15 at the door. Reservations may be e-mailed to or call (928) 468-9269.

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