Another Perspective



Visiting from Guaymas, Mexico, Pedro Cordova-Valdez and Marta Cecilia Herrera-Ruiz answer probing questions from Payson High School Students during a Spanish class Thursday. The two ninth-graders are from of a contingency of students who are spending a week in Payson as part of the Hands Across the Border exchange program. PHS students asked questions to compare everything from how they get a driver's license to how school discipline may differ from here in the United States. The Payson students learned that teenagers do not need to take a driving test in Mexico, and that the visiting students are required to wear school uniforms back in their hometown of Guaymas. They also learned that there are no obligatory laws that require students to be in school in Mexico.

Payson High School Spanish students were paired up with students from Guaymas last year for the first half of the exchange program. The students live together for a week, immersed in each other's language and culture. On Wednesday, the students from Mexico visited the Grand Canyon.

Participating students from both countries must have good grades, a positive attitude and a desire to learn in order to be eligible for the exchange. The Hands Across the Border program is funded by PHS, the Payson Unified School District and Credit for Kids money.

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