Committee Looking For Payson Rodeo Queen Photos


As part of the 125th anniversary celebration of Payson, the Northern Gila County Historical Society in conjunction with Git A Rope Publishing, is planning a major display about the Payson Rodeo at the society's museum in Green Valley Park.


A generous resident was kind enough to donate this photo of the first Payson Rodeo Queen and her court several years ago.

To make the exhibit complete, the Society and Git A Rope Publishing are looking for Payson Rodeo Queen photos.

Queen photos are needed of: Margaret Stinson, 1964; Melody Lookingbill, 1967; Jamie Wagoner, 1976; Melanie Haught, 1979; and all queens from 1985 through 2001.

Photos of rodeo queens 1964, 1967, 1976, and 1979 could not be located for the "Rodeo 101" book written by Jinx Pyle and Jayne Peace Pyle. The book only printed photos through the rodeo's 101st year, 1984. Photos for years 1985-2001 were not located.

Pyle and Peace are planning to add extra pages to the "Rodeo 101" book and would like to have a copy of the above photos.

"The Payson Rodeo display at the NGCHS Museum will be a great addition to what we already have," said Jinx Pyle, president of the Historical Society. "To the old-timers, the rodeo was almost as important as Christmas. This new display should be a great attraction. We are asking for everyone's help in locating these photos. We don't want to leave anyone out."

If you have a photo or know where one can be located, call Jayne Peace Pyle at (928) 474-0380 or (928) 474-3227, or call Jinx Pyle at (928) 474-0011.

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