Erin Turner Joins Roundup Reporting Staff


I'm a big-city girl in mind, body and soul.

I was born and grew up in Phoenix and went to college at the University of Arizona in Tucson.


Erin Turner

I love almost everything about big cities. I love the noise. I love the activity. I love the lights and fast pace. I love the shopping and the night-scene.

I knew moving to a small town would be, at best, an adjustment and, at the worst, a complete disaster.

But I love challenges and I was willing to make a move to begin my career as a journalist.

As a child I traveled through Payson several times en route to Show Low with family. I remembered its tranquility and beauty. I also remembered how it couldn't have been further from a big city if it tried.

I heard good things about the Payson Roundup from instructors at the University of Arizona and knew that this would be a great first job right out of college -- a job where I could write, right away.

After coming to Payson for an interview, I was impressed with the professionalism and integrity of the Roundup staff and operation. I felt like Payson was where I was supposed to begin my journalism journey.

Although everything I've known and the reality of my future in Payson are in a bit of a contradicting whirl-spin, I wouldn't change the decision I made to come here.

Payson is a wonderful place to live. I haven't been here two weeks and I realize that this forthcoming period of my life will be one that I will always look back on with a smile.

The people here are relaxed. They've looked me in the eye and smiled, genuinely, when I met them. They've gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable and haven't hesitated to compliment me about my stories when they've seen fit.

This big-city girl -- used to speed-walkers, self-serving agendas, and people wholly absorbed in their daily routine -- was pleasantly surprised by that.

There are a million stories in this world worth telling and they don't all have to do with political scandals, celebrities and blockbuster business deals.

The best stories are about people.

I look forward to everything this opportunity in Payson will bring to me.

I look forward to meeting everyone in and around Payson and hearing all of their stories.

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