Please Reconsider Council Action Against Illegal Immigrants



In grappling with a decidedly and increasingly perplexing situation regarding the transplants from other countries who have found their way to Payson, our council has hopefully only had a momentary lapse of good judgment in declaring our community a place that will not welcome a certain people group.

We know that this will only spawn a sort of racial prejudice that is sickening at the least and dangerous at the worst. This nation was founded on an open-door policy of welcoming the tired, poor, and wretched, looking for a better quality of life for their families.

This is America.

It is the working class who will be hurt by measures of refusing employment and housing. The drug dealers will not be affected one bit.

I beg you to reconsider this action. It will not just create a town where illegals are unwelcome but every thinking man and woman as well.

Erin Gibson, Payson

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