Tired Of Reading Letter Writer's Socialist Doctrine



Larry Brophy's letters to the editor are a classic example of "Socialist Doctrine" and typical liberal rhetoric.

This guy is so far to the left, he makes the Kennedy/Pelosi group look like conservatives. I am so tired of reading his left wing, Bush bashing letters I finally have to respond.

I don't know if he ever was in the Armed Forces, but if he was, he has a short memory.

Does he think he could write these articles in one of the other "first world nations" that apparently he admires.

How about Canada or France. Want to adopt their philosophy? He is so off the wall that he actually believes that Saddam didn't have weapons of mass destruction.

We all know that he did in fact have them, used them to kill thousands, and then trucked them to Syria. Democrats had the same intelligence reports that President Bush had, and they agreed with them.

Get your head out of the sand.

Larry would like everyone in this country to have universal health care, a house and two cars in the garage. Where is the money coming from? Redistribution of wealth, perhaps. That's what Socialists do.

Oh, and let's give everyone free education, including college and also let's give all illegal aliens free education, too.

So, where did Larry make his money? I notice he lives in a nice house on top of a hill with a view looking down on others. Maybe Larry should pay more taxes, that would help his cause, or perhaps being the generous guy he is, he could share his home with the less fortunate.

Under his philosophy, there would be no reason to get an education, or to overachieve and live a comfortable life, as his government would tax the rich to pay for his social programs.

Let's take from the overachievers and give it to the underachievers, but actually we are already doing that.

Let's also rescind the death tax. People who work hard all their lives shouldn't be able to leave their children any of their hard work benefits. Let the liberals distribute it to the underachievers. We all had choices to make in life -- some of us made good ones, others made bad ones. It's not my choice or obligation to support the ones who didn't.

Chuck Thompson, Payson

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