Vision Presented For Downtown Star Valley


The Star Valley Town Council heard a presentation from architects and developers about the vacant parcel of land they intend to develop over the next three years.

Star Valley can expect a town hall building, a hotel, restaurants and possibly a post office, Sal Ramel of Ramel Architects in Scottsdale said Tuesday night at the council meeting.


During a meeting Tuesday night, developers discussed the construction of a new town hall on the Freegard property in downtown Star Valley. It was discussed that the new town hall could be modeled after the Wickenburg Town Hall, pictured.

The group from Ramel Architects presented its development plan for the 15.3-acre Freegard property to an interested council, after receiving a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission at an earlier meeting. The property is just south of Highway 260 in downtown Star Valley.

"We want to create a landmark for Star Valley," Ramel said.

The development plan, named "Windmill Villagio" by Ramel, will yield office and retail space and keep a historic windmill on the property as a centerpiece, Ramel said.

"The buildings will all relate to each other," he said. "We were thinking of a Southwest theme."

Developer Paul Thomas said, that between three and five years of construction will be necessary to finish the project, but the town government building will be developed first.

"There will be space for professional offices and retail stores but the Star Valley building will be done first," Thomas said.

Property owners within 300 feet of the Freegard development will be mailed notices and have a chance to voice their opinions at a future planning and zoning meeting discussing the property, said Terry Smith, deputy director of the community development division.

The property will possibly include a new traffic light, to better deal with congestion the development would create, Ramel said.

The property still needs to receive rezoning approval from the council before construction may begin. The council postponed discussion about rezoning until a further meeting in order to gain more information about the project.

Planning and Zoning Commission member Steve Bingham said the commission was impressed with the presentation from the Ramel Architect group.

"I feel this will be a great addition to Star Valley," he said.

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