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Q: Why was the man arrested for providing meth to minors and for having inappropriate relations with one of them not listed by name? This seems like selective reporting.

A: The man was arrested, but not convicted.

As journalists, we could cite several cases where accusers lied to police about a sex crime.

With that in mind, our policy is to publish names after the accused are convicted, but not before. Having your name attached to a sex crime -- even if you are later found innocent -- could ruin a person's life forever.

The Payson Roundup does not take that lightly.

Here is the Roundup policy on the subject, verbatim from our stylebook:

"Each story must be carefully considered ... Generally in sex crimes we do not report the name of the victim -- ever -- and the name of the accused only when there is a conviction. In other crimes against persons, our policy is to provide the most complete reporting possible because of the seriousness of such crimes and because they do not carry the same potential embarrassment to the victim."

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