Electrician Will Change A Bulb Or Rewire A House


Tony Phillips owner and operator of Tone & Son Electric, LLC, likes to focus his work on the little things -- changing an out-of-reach light bulb for a senior citizen, installing a ceiling fan-light fixture, adding lines for electronic equipment, even putting up Christmas lights. He will rewire antique lamps and other electrical pieces to make them safer.

But he can rewire a whole house, too. He replaced the old wiring in the historic Bondurant House in Pine and did the wiring for a log home in Hunter Creek.


Tony Phillips likes focusing on small electrical jobs for Rim Country residents.

Licensed, bonded and insured, Phillips worked with someone else until he decided to strike out on his own in August.

The "son" in the company name comes along on Saturday jobs only -- at the age of 5, he has other obligations during the week.

Phillips has lived in the Payson area for 10 years and been in the electrical contracting business for six years. Before that he was a man of all trades, doing a little bit of many different things, from landscaping to baking.

In the few short months he has had his own business, Phillips said, "There really aren't that many challenges, except getting your name out there so people know what you are doing." Still he has enjoyed the benefit of fairly steady work.

"It slowed down a little around Christmas, but now it has picked back up again," Phillips said.

Of the work he has done, the Bondurant House was one of the most interesting projects because he had to get inside the walls and into the crawlspaces of the old house. He did a little treasure hunting in the process, coming across old newspapers and a man's grooming brush with initials on it. The brush is now in a display case in the house.

The most challenging project was the log home in Hunter Creek.

"You can't go across, you have to go up and down (with the wiring)," he said.

Phillips said he shows up on time, always calls customers back, is neat and clean and cleans up the job site when he is done. He will provide free estimates and can usually get the job done within a week. Sometimes, depending on the job, it can be completed within just a day.

"I have very reasonable prices," Phillips said.

To learn more about Tone & Son Electric, LLC, call Phillips at (928) 978-3859. The company's hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays as needed.

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