Mourning Anniversary Of Roe V. Wade



As we approach the 34th anniversary of what I believe is the most tragic day in the history of our great nation, I am writing to be certain that everyone who reads this will realize that all humans begin life at the moment of conception.

I was ignorant about that fact until I started teaching child development courses. For the courses I taught, each of the textbooks were selected by an agnostic psychology department chairman, but the textbooks clearly stated that humans begin life at conception, using words such as, "Life begins when the egg and sperm unite" or "you began life as a single cell formed equally by two parent cells."

In spite of those known facts, on Jan. 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court decided to legalize abortion at all stages of unborn life -- even after the baby is 90 percent born.

Since that tragic date, approximately 45 million unborn babies have been surgically aborted in this country, in addition to an unknown number of babies who have been chemically aborted. Now, with ultrasounds, we can even see pictures of unborn twin and triplet babies interacting with each other many weeks prior to their birth.

Please, do whatever you legally can to speak up for those who cannot yet speak for themselves -- the most defenseless persons in our society. Do whatever you can to protect the lives of unborn babies.

Jerry Green, Payson

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