No Justification For Embryonic Stem Cell Research



The media and the Democratic majority are stressing the development of embryonic (emphasis on embryonic) stem cell research, while adult, umbilical stem cells have treated patients with grave diseases and repaired damaged organs for years.

Embryonic stem cells research requires destroying embryos -- a speculative proposal at best. To obtain embryonic stem cells, a five-day-old human being must be destroyed to obtain these embryonic cells. This has grave moral implications.

We are eager to protect all sorts of animals (life), but when it comes to our humble embryonic origins, we go through sophisticated mental gymnastics to tell that we never were embryos. Many don't see that in-vitro fertilization makes these embryos. It is turning into a business of growing embryos.

How far we have sunk. What awaits us next -- frozen embryos in the hands of scientists for research? Discussions are already going on for the next scenario -- so-called fetal farming. A cloned embryo implanted into a woman and allowed to develop into a small baby to be aborted for organ harvesting. This has been done successfully in animals. This all will await us if we do not carry out serious moral discernment around these questions and draw very clear lines.

If we protect our young brothers and sisters who are still embryos, the future will be much more manageable.

Bob Jacobs, Payson

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