People On Fixed Incomes Appreciate The Extra Effort During The Holidays



Before we get too far along in this New Year, we want to remember the highlights of the 2006 holiday season here at Pine View Manor.

Our hats are off to the incredible Payson High School culinary class who, not only cooked and served our wonderful Thanksgiving feast, but came back and cooked us custom omelets for a really special and delicious Christmas brunch.

They thought of everything we could possibly need or want and definitely delivered. Each crew is a wonderful bunch of fun, creative and competent young people.

And there are the angels at Mount Cross Lutheran Church who, for several years now, have adopted the seniors here, and fulfilled many a wish with their generosity and kindness.

They didn't forget this year, and they need to know how much fun it is to have a gift card, a dog grooming for the pup or an oil change -- the list goes on and on.

People on fixed incomes appreciate an extra extravagance.

We extend out heartfelt gratitude to all of you and send happy year 2007 wishes to all.

Peggy Newman, Manager, Pine View Manor Seniors, Payson

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