Town Council Should Be Addressing The Real Issues



The second paragraph is the key to the article, "Living in the shadows." The paragraph reads, "who have been working and living here." The keyword is "working."

The Payson Town Council should put their priorities into the more pressing problems of Payson -- mainly the homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics and welfare people. That is where the problem lies.

For instance, they should look at the place where the two elderly women who operate the facility that houses 20 or more people who some have lived there for as long as ten years. These people are getting three hot meals, a bed, TV and laundry done for them. Why should they ever want to work? And those women want more beds. Amazing.

Also, what have the families who received Habitat For Humanity houses done to contribute to the economy of Payson?

All the before mentioned are problems the Payson Town Council should be addressing. And, yes, if you are wondering, this is an Anglo writing.

William Clayton, Payson

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