We Have Gone To The Law And They Have Done Nothing



I am writing in regards to the letter published in the Friday, Jan. 12, edition.

I have been the recipient of young boys walking the streets of this community of Pine, carrying bats and clubs at night.

On Nov. 9, 2006, there were five of these boys coming down my side road, running toward my barn where the feral cats hang out, with their bats and clubs. I ran out, unarmed and yelled at them to get off my property and then chased them down the road.

On Nov. 18, 2006, two more boys came into my property and fired their pellet gun into my chicken coop. The Game and Fish officer, who happens to be my neighbor, saw them in the act. He went to their house and confronted them, got their names and they admitted that they had emptied their gun into my chicken coop. I called the police department, the Game and Fish officer, and Lyn Gardner, whose cat was shot between its eyes, and I waited in my driveway 45 minutes before an officer arrived.

The Game and Fish officer gave his account of what he saw, their names, and said he confronted them and they admitted to what they had done. I gave my account of what happened that day and the week before. Lyn gave her story of what they had done to her cat. Not only did that officer not make a report of this, he never even had the courtesy to get out of his car.

The officer that was called out by the APS workers who were shot at by boys with a pellet gun never turned that report in either.

So now you understand that we did ask the law to handle the situation and they have done nothing.

And, by the way, I would never shoot a boy, or beat to death a defenseless animal the way these boys have done, but I have the right to protect my property and my animals.

These boys are getting away with this because of their age and because their parents didn't teach them the correct principles (as the letter writer stated) and the law seems to be looking the other way.

These boys need to be held responsible for what they have done and, God help us, what they might do next, regardless of their age.

The parents should be held responsible for the terror these boys have put this town through. I know I have trouble sleeping at night for fear of what they might kill next.

Rena Rogers, Pine

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