We Need More Efforts Like The Payson Institute Of Learning



Congratulations to Norma Wade and the others who have been involved in creating the Payson Institute of Learning and bringing so many opportunities for educational enrichment to Payson. One of the projects that was not mentioned in the Jan. 9 Payson Roundup article was a potential partnership between Payson High School and the Arizona State University College of Education, designed to increase the percentage of graduates, to increase test scores and to increase the percentage of graduates who go on to college.

The people of Payson need to know that (some people in town -- the names were removed because we did not have time to verify the personal accusations) did their best to derail this great project by sending e-mails to a vice-president at ASU, characterizing the efforts of the Payson Institute of Learning as very controversial and discouraging ASU's involvement.

As has been pointed out many times, Payson is seriously underserved in higher education. We need more efforts like the Payson Institute of Learning and we do not need people trying to sabotage these fine projects for no apparent reason other than their desire to maintain their power and control of all higher education in Payson.

Marilyn Decker, Payson

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