Woman Accomplishes Lifelong Dream Of Writing A Book


Three years ago Peggy Seitz sat down to write.

It was a lifelong dream to write a book, though the Christopher Creek resident didn't know how it would turn out.


Peggy Seitz has already begun working on her second novel, a murder mystery, which she hopes will be completed by the end of the year.

After surviving a brain hemorrhage two years ago in the middle of writing her book, Seitz said just completing it makes it a success.

"It will still be successful to me even if it doesn't sell well, because it's done," she said.

Her newly published book, "Terror of Love," is the story of a successful businesswoman in the manufacturing industry who is abused by her husband.

"She is a beautiful woman who falls into a trap like so many women," Seitz said.

Seitz, who was the vice president of operations for an equipment manufacturer before she retired, said her inspiration for the book came from living through the same kind of abuse with her first husband when she was very young.

"I don't think an author can ever write entirely fiction," Seitz said. "There are elements of my life in the novel."

Women who suffer through domestic violence often don't get help because they are embarrassed, Seitz said.

"Over the years, I have learned that I have always been private about (being abused) because I was embarrassed about it," she said.

Seitz said she is interested in breaking the stereotypes surrounding domestic violence and the people who've suffered because of it.

"It doesn't matter what walk of life -- everyone is vulnerable," she said.

The book has been classified by some as a romance-horror novel, but Seitz said that it's more accurately a romance novel with horrible situations in it.

"It is horrible, but it's not a horror," she said.

Like her real-life escape from domestic violence that led her to a happy, 40-year marriage to her second husband, Bill, Seitz said that her novel ends on a positive note.

"I like a happy ending," she said.

With a cup of coffee in close proximity and often pajama-clad -- a system she perfected with her first book -- Seitz has already begun working on her second novel, a murder mystery, which she hopes will be completed by the end of the year.

"Most of my writing happens in the morning," she said, "I'll continue to write as long as I have fun with it."

Neighbors in Christopher Creek have taken inspiration from Seitz's accomplishment and some have expressed interest in writing books of their own, Seitz said. As for her celebrity status around town, Seitz said she'd rather have the book become a success.

"The book can be a celebrity, hopefully," she said.

"Terror of Love" is available through Amazon.com and online from Barnes and Noble. Seitz hopes that bookstores will soon carry the book as well.

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