A Public Thank You To The Men Who Helped Me



On New Year's Day, I took my service dog to the fenced-in ballpark to run off leash. The gate to the dugout was open and my dog took off running as a deer bounded full speed across the park and across McLane.

I lost her at the corner of McLane and Alpine Village. She was having a great time. I was a basket case.

Two men in vehicles stopped and asked what she looked like.

They went one way and I went the other looking for her. They found her. One of the men's names was Joe and he drives a white pickup.

I did not get the other guy's name, but he is actually the one who found her and was able to get her in his car and home to me.

I still feel the stress just writing about this. I am so glad she is safe at home again. I am so thankful for these two men who helped and would like to thank them publicly.

Katherine Morrison, Payson

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