Fine Arts, Stadium Receive Bulk Of Credit For Kids Funding


Music students, a pottery kiln and the high school stadium improvement project all have one thing in common.

The extracurricular programs at the six schools that form the Payson Unified School District just received over a quarter of a million dollars.


Ninth grade art student Nick Randall carves a piece of soapstone. He is thinking about art as a career.

Taxpayers supported PUSD with $296,685 in donations to the Credit for Kids Program, according to the district's final tally.

"Donations increased by more than 20 percent this year and on behalf of Payson Unified School District I want to thank everyone who contributed," said Sue Myers, PUSD superintendent.

Band students will use some of the money to replace worn-out band uniforms and purchase some new instruments.

Choral students are that much closer to a trip to Washington, D.C. and the opportunity to sing in Carnegie Hall.

"I want to try to use part of the funds for a new kiln," said PHS art teacher George Conley.

Conley would also like to have a piece of PHS's $78,195 fine arts fund to support a digital photography component in his art classes.

Each school can use the general fine arts donations as it sees fit.

The drama club is looking forward to lights, risers and additional sound equipment for the main stage that supports school plays and musical productions, as well as community programs.

"I am very grateful to the public for their continued donations and consideration of all the schools in the county," Gila County superintendent Linda O'Dell said.

PUSD Credit for Kids donations by year

1998 $113,485

1999 $245,117

2000 $142,212

2001 $192,000

2002 $175,212

2003 $190,142

2004 $205,000

2005 $238,000

2006 $296,685

Donations by school to the Fine Arts programs

Julia Randall Elementary $33,899.66

Payson Elementary $23,397.66

Frontier Elementary $33,922.66

Rim Country Middle $25,536.66

Payson High $78,195

Payson Center for Success $21,700

Total donations to PUSD's

Fine Arts programs $48,771.66

Donations to the Stadium Project $31,261

Donations to PHS Clubs

A+ Club $400

After School Programs $100

Art $100

Auto Shop $400

Band $4,400

Band Uniforms $200

Baseball $500

Boys Basketball $2,125

Boys Soccer $1,000

CBI $1,700

Cheerleaders $1,900

Chorus $16,120

Culinary Arts $600

Drama $3,800

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America STRIVE $790

Future Business Leaders of America $800

FFA general $2,320

Football $525

Girls Basketball $1,145

Girls Soccer $930

Golf $2,980

Hands Across the Border $3,700

Ski and Hiking $19,440

Health Occupation Students of America $400

Interact Club $900

Key Club $425

Math Club $570

Mock Trial $200

National Honor Society $460

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) $700

Softball $2,900

Sports equipment and uniforms $725

Student Government (STUGO) $100

Track $1,050

Volleyball $925

Wood Shop $400

Wrestlerettes $325

Wrestling $1,650

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