Get Legal Or Get Out



I am writing in response to your article on illegal immigrants in Payson Roundup on Jan 16.

In reference to the woman interviewed who said, "We are not doing anyone any harm," I beg to differ. Because of people like her and her family who use our medical facilities, and don't pay for services, my insurance premiums (along with everyone else's) and/or my cost to use a medical facility has gone up. This is to help defray costs incurred by these illegals and other indigents. Not only that, I'm sure they don't pay taxes the same as legal residents do to cover costs of schools, fire and police protection -- yet they reap the benefits.

They don't understand the hatred directed at them. I would not use the word "hatred." However, I am very angry over the actions of these people. The two aforementioned issues aside, they come into the place where I work, expecting me to speak their language so that they can conduct business in my country. I work hard at my job, also. I'm a widow, trying to make it to retirement and pay my way.

I understand trying to make a better life for yourself and your family. But do it legally and pay your fair share along the way.

What are these parents teaching their children? That it's OK to cheat a town or country, as long as you "don't do anyone any harm?"

I think the mayor has the right idea to crack down on employers who hire these illegals, thereby luring them into our communities. Send a message: Get legal or get out.

Barbara Nitso, Tonto Basin

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