I Support Our Troops And Their Mission



In response to my pointing to what I considered a trend in the Democratic Party toward bigotry and intolerance (and now I must include name-calling), I am branded a "bigot" and "intolerant."

I must confess that the term Demoncrat is not my invention. It's a term Abraham Lincoln used to describe the party. One of Mr. Lincoln's more successful lieutenants in that long-ago war stated that, "War is cruelty and the crueler it is, the sooner it is over."

Our country and our countrymen are defended by men doing hard things in a world of hard realities.

Regarding other matters raised by Mr. Brophy and his ilk such as "continuing the senseless killing and maiming" -- I support our troops and their mission, because I disagree that it is senseless. I think our foreign policy needs to have a basis in something other than Beatles songs. I also think our troops believe in the mission.

As to the number of casualties, the greater portion of the 50,000 dead were clutching AK-47s when killed and were by no means innocent civilians. And to some degree, many were not even Iraqi.

I mourn with America and with you, Mr. Brophy, the losses of its best and brightest young people and the shattering of lives. Yet, I believe their cause, our cause, is just, their suffering is heroic and their duty and sacrifice honorable and admirable.

As to the question, "For what grand purpose the suffering and death?"

I say: To lift the boot of a tyrant from the neck of his people, to free those people, to set in motion a move toward change in a region of the world surely in need of such change, and in a wild-eyed enthusiasm of hope, to see a better world emerge from the rubble.

Steve Morgan, Pine

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