Illegals Have Been Rewarded For Too Long



We are writing in response to the article "Living in the Shadows." We are curious as to why illegal immigrants feel that they have, or should have, any rights here.

First of all, they broke the law by coming here illegally. Secondly, by them not paying for any of the services we provide for them, they take money from the pockets of citizens. They reproduce like wildfire and expect citizens to pay for their children to attend our public schools because they don't pay property tax.

Actual citizens in need of assistance from DES have to wait behind the flood of illegals in the offices and often don't get the assistance that they (the citizens) need.

It's difficult for citizens without a college education to find employment because a corrupt employer can pay an illegal half of what he would have to pay a citizen.

Third, and most importantly, they are not citizens. All of our services, all of our amendments, all of our rights do not and should not apply to them whatsoever. Bottom line, they are not legal citizens and should not be here. We think that the needs of citizens should come before illegals in any situation. We have no hatred toward any Mexican nationals. We just feel that we have rewarded them for breaking the law for too long.

Whitney Flatt, Sarah DiBernardo, Payson

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