Illegals Should Try To Change Their Own Country



Where are you coming from?

Your article on illegals makes it sound as if you are a sympathizer for these people who are here illegally.

They are taking our jobs, getting free medical care -- which you and I end up paying for in the long run, but can't get for ourselves -- using our schools -- which you and I pay taxes for and they don't.

Maybe if some people would stop hiring them -- which in itself is illegal -- and that pharmacist would be a little less helpful, they would get the message. Come here legally or stay in your own country and stop expecting the same rights that a U.S. citizen is entitled to and paid for and fought for. Or, better yet, go back to your country and try to change things there, like you are trying to do here.

Then you can fly your flag and speak your language.

Hey, try to have a march there. We pay for the right to an education. The freedoms we hold near and dear to us, we are willing to make the sacrifices to keep them.

And to those who do sympathize with them, just try and go to their country and try the same things there and see how far you get.

Phylis Bloodworth, Payson

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