Living In The Shadows Should Have Read Living Behind Bars



"Living in the Shadows" should read "living behind bars," or "crawling through tunnels."

Michael Maresh, I'm sure your story will break the hearts of every couch jumper in America. Since the person you interviewed probably doesn't speak or read English, you can interpret it for her.

One, I don't blame you, so why blame me?

The person you interviews said she was "not harming anyone" -- not intentionally, maybe. Hospitals -- how many have closed due to nonpayment? How many good teachers were not hired because they are not bilingual? How do you pay taxes?

Where do you go in the Valley for treatment so you don't have to pay? How many jobs has your husband taken away from legal American citizens because he will work for a lower wage?

Excuse me, I don't see any lettuce fields or fruit trees around Payson. It's not the jobs -- it's the low wages that Americans don't want. The American dream is not to live in a singlewide trailer with 30 of our relatives.

Can't get a driver's license, you don't buy auto insurance either.

My daughter was nearly killed in an auto accident caused by an illegal immigrant who ran from the scene. Oh yes, they did catch him after two months -- no insurance, no license. He got nothing, but the owner of the auto had to pay $3,000 on top of their totaled automobile, not including medical bills, but no harm done.

The list goes on, over and over, but you deserve a better life than the rest of us. How dare you, march on our streets waving your flags? Try that in Mexico.

You should have protested your rights in your own homeland. I have a hell of a lot more to say, since words are numbered, let me say this.

If we can't deport you, then instead of guest workers, we make you guest warriors, men and women alike. Then you can stay.

We will take care of your children while you're away, since we already pay for it anyway, no harm done.

Tim Hummer, Payson

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