Sex Offender Attended Tonto Village School


On Thursday, the Gila County Sheriff's Office confirmed that a 29-year-old sex offender who masqueraded as a 13-year-old boy had attended a Tonto Village school.

Neil Havens Rodreick II, 29, a registered sex offender from Oklahoma, once resided in the Payson area.


Neil Havens Rodreick II

Gila County Sheriff's deputies and administrators of the Shelby Charter School in Tonto Village, located about 20 miles east of Payson off Highway 260, found that Rodreick had registered at the school under the name of Casy Havens Rodreick.

Gary Moore, an administrator at the school, said Rodreick looked like a 12- to 13-year-old, and added the recent mug shot picture of him did not resemble the man who attended his school.

He said the man was about 5 feet 6 inches tall, had a gaunt face, was very thin and looked to be about 25 pounds lighter than the recent photos.

School registration records show Rodreick was using Jan. 22, 1992 as his date of birth, with an address in Payson.

The records also show that Robert Snow, another registered sex offender, was pretending to be Rodreick's uncle and guardian.

Rodreick was registered at the school for 21 days, but only attended classes for nine days.

Snow registered Rodreick at the school on Aug. 4, 2005, but did not complete all of the paperwork.

Snow told school officials that Rodreick had been home schooled through the sixth grade in Oklahoma, so school records were not available.

According to a press release from the Gila County Sheriff's Office, Shelby School officials were persistent in their attempts to obtain all of the information needed and asked Snow about these records every day.

Moore said, in hindsight, it is apparent why Snow was not able to supply the school with the necessary documents.

By Arizona law, complete registration information must be given to the school within 30 days of the child's first day in the classroom.

On Sept. 2, 2005, the school received a phone call from Snow telling them that Rodreick was being withdrawn from the school.

None of the students, according to the press release, reported any contact with Rodreick, other than to say "hello." The other students reported that he was a loner and stayed to himself most of the time. He did not attend classes long enough for other students to get to know him.

Rodreick and three others, including the man who played his uncle, were arrested in Yavapai County last week when they tried to enroll Rodreick in a Chino Valley charter school.

The GCSO will be holding meetings with the Gila County attorney to determine what charges will be filed against Snow and Rodreick. Shelby School officials want to see the two men charged to the fullest extent of the law.

The Shelby School also released a written statement about the man who attended its school.

"As a school, there is nothing more important to us than the safety and well-being of our students. We have no information suggesting, and the authorities have provided no indication that any adverse contact occurred between Mr. Rodreick and Shelby School students during the short time that he was at the school."

The written statement also said that Rodreick appeared to be his stated age and apparently shaved his body hair and used makeup in an attempt to pass himself off as a child.

Shelby School has formed a task force to look into the situation that occurred.

"We take this situation very seriously, and we formed a school committee to examine this further," Moore said.

Michael Harper, an attorney representing Shelby School, said he did not want to comment beyond the press release that was issued by the school.

He made one comment to the Gila County Sheriff's Office, which was released in its press release.

The attorney said the school was extremely upset that a fraud was committed against them in this manner and is eager to assist the prosecution in this case.

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