A Few Thoughts On Political Correctness



For those of us old enough (shudder) to remember the Cold War, when America was trying to "Defeat Communism," we knew that the term PC or political correctness, was part of the Communist Manifesto.

Interesting to note, that the term PC is back in application by those who like to employ "micromanagement." Big Brother used to be the term, but micromanagement is the direct application, either by proxy or applied from a distance -- the Enron debacle, the U.N. debacle, Clinton's micro-effort in Kosovo and so on.

Under the PC approach, we have witnessed the erosion of American's moral fiber, with the effort to take Christ out of Christmas, even in our schools. Exploitation of the domestic violence issue for a revenue source -- a new "twist" on PC -- or making sure raising one's voice to friend or foe is not PC. All at the discretion of local law enforcement? Turn down the TV, Ma, CSI is on.

Accountability doesn't seem to be a factor. America's identity has been eroded away by "lack of participation." Ethnic diversity, and the Open-Society is now PC, resulting in the dispossession of the Majority. Our own border fiasco is glaring at us, as an example of this. Our "security" or Political Correctness? Decisions, decisions.


S. Tyree, Payson

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