If Laws Were Enforced, There Would Be No Debate



It seems that now the issue of "illegal immigration" has come front and center in Payson, as it has in much of this nation. We are hearing the impassioned views and opinions from both sides of the issue.

For those that like to use red herrings in the debate surrounding this issue, I offer my sympathies. In my discussions with many about this issue, I find few who do not appreciate the plight of those who illegally cross our borders seeking a better life, nor are they bigots, racists, xenophobes, or other names they are often called by those who cannot make a legitimate case for the illegal aspect of this problem.

When those in the debate trend toward name-calling, it is a clear sign they cannot make a sound case for their views/position.

Much of the data regarding the impact illegal immigrants have had on the socio/political scene of this nation are well-founded and not simply the alarmist tirades of a few intolerant xenophobes. That aside, this is not about how hard these people will work, or how family-oriented they are, as they are often times both of those, it is about the illegality of their presence in this country.

If those who have let their sympathies for the plight of these folks cloud their views of right and wrong, they will only further the view of many that they are simply aiding, abetting and condoning criminal conduct. We are either a nation of laws where everyone has to be held answerable to those laws, or we are simply a collection of individuals sharing a common geographical location picking and choosing the laws of social order we wish to obey.

I do believe that we have laws regulating immigration into this country. I see little need for any new laws, as it is perfectly clear that the laws currently in place are more than adequate to address illegal immigration.

There simply needs to be a willingness on the part of all levels of our government to enforce those current statutes. Were that done, we would not be having this very divisive and emotional debate.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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