New Hospital Web Site Allows Questions Before Seeing A Doctor


You pulled a muscle; you are in a lot of pain. Should you go to the emergency room? How about a visit on the Internet first?

Payson Regional Medical Center's Web site has terrific tools for helping you decide on the level of health care needed for a variety of injuries and illnesses.

Go to and you will find options such as: find a physician; the Healthy Woman program; "er+"; health services; health tips; and Discovery Hospital.

In the Discovery Hospital pages you will find "Self-management of Symptoms" -- a tool to help identify the level of care needed for health problem in adults, children and those specifically experienced by women. For adults, the topics include such things as abdominal pain and canker sores, all the way to wound infection.

Each topic lists symptoms and whether they are an indication for emergency care, seeing your health care provider or self-care. The self-care section then goes on to suggest the steps to take to address the symptoms.

PRMC has featured Discovery Hospital on its Web site since Oct. 2005. When first launched, Chris Wolf, the chief executive officer for PRMC, said, "At Payson Regional Medical Center, we serve our community by providing quality and comprehensive health care services, including health information. There is no doubt that the health tools we are providing through Discovery Hospital enhance our service to patients and help them manage their health. This fast and easy portal provides people the information and tools they need to ensure their families' health, which is a wonderful benefit to our community."

The symptoms management section is only one of more than 30 topics available in the Discovery Hospital site at

Among the other topics on the site: medical; disease and condition database, lab tests, surgical procedures; aging; self-help sites for smoking, weight loss, stress, nutrition and exercise.

Those without home computers can visit area libraries and make use of their Internet.

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