Payson Council To Discuss Increase Of Development Impact Fees


The Payson Town Council will conduct a public hearing Thursday on the town's intention to increase development impact fees to pay for public safety, parks and recreation and streets.

The current town development fees were established in 1997 and are charged to new residential development.

Public safety impact fees under the proposal would increase from nothing to $808, parks and recreation fees would increase from $647 to $1,508 and street impact fees would increase from $600 to $1,235.

The proposed fees would generate increased revenues of about $2,300 per single-family residence.

In Thursday's public hearing the proposal calls for water impact fees to remain at $3,785 and for sanitary fees to stay at $5,200.

Town Manager Fred Carpenter said, the town will be looking at increasing the impact fees for water in the future, and are reviewing two studies to come up with a proposed fee.

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