The America I Love Is Hurting



The two letters by Sean Tyree and Chuck Thompson in the Friday, Jan. 20, Letter to the Editor section of the Payson Roundup were most illustrative.

The first aptly demonstrated one's intolerance toward all people who don't believe as they do, just as I described a couple of weeks ago.

The other letter was a great demonstration of the old political adage, "When you have no defense against the charges, attack the person."

Chuck, I love my country. My own active duty was between Korea and Vietnam. My brother came back from Vietnam in a rubber bag. I know about war.

I want to know about peace.

I write because the America I love is hurting. The freedom of her people is being chipped away. The condoning of torture, secret recording of her citizens' phone calls and the loss of habeas corpus run counter to the principles upon which she was founded.

She was once, not long ago, that beacon of freedom and liberty on the hill that every nation in the world sought to emulate. Now, America is feared and looked upon as the nation posing the planet's biggest threat to world peace.

Thousands of her young men and women are being asked to sacrifice their lives -- and, in the case of the wounded and maimed, their future -- in an illegal and immoral war.

The energy companies and war profiteers are raking in record billions in profits from a war consuming over $8 billion of her citizens' wealth each month.

Yet, those debts must be assumed and amounts paid by our children and grandchildren.

Her annual military budget is larger than the next 25 highest spending nations combined. Yet, more of her children go to bed hungry and more of her people are without health care than ever before in her history.

I write because something's not right with America.

I believe the biggest transgression against her is to see that something's wrong -- that her beacon of freedom and liberty is flickering -- and remain silent.

Every person who loves the principles upon which she was founded has a personal duty to keep her alive, strong and well.

So, if this way of thinking makes one a liberal, I must confess my guilt.

Larry Brophy, Payson

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