Hydrogen Cars Will Actually Make Air Cleaner



In 1989, an engineer, Roy McAlister, his wife, Kathy, and a few other visionaries established the American Hydrogen Association in Tempe to demonstrate proven technologies and educate the public about viable solutions to America's energy security and pollution problems, the way to provide a peaceful and healthy transition from the fossil-dependent Industrial Revolution into the Sustainable Prosperity Revolution.

This all-volunteer organization demonstrates how to sequester carbon from virtually any organic waste that ordinarily rots or burns and use the sequestered carbon to make the solar collectors, wind turbines and wave machines that are needed to harness renewable resources and enable the Solar Hydrogen Economy.

Despite natural competitive purposes by conventional fossil-dependent energy interests to keep this information under wraps, the Association has achieved one of its goals, to make "hydrogen" a household word. Hydrogen is already the universal fuel and the fuel already burned in vehicles with fuel-cell engines or internal combustion engines. It is what we already burn out of oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, coal and ethanol. Burning pure hydrogen in converted engines actually cleans the air.

Hydrogen is coincidentally what stars, such as the sun, and all living things on Earth, use as fuel.

The first step of all photosynthesis is to convert water into cool hydrogen and oxygen. After producing hydrogen from water, the next step in photosynthesis is to unite the hydrogen and carbon dioxide into all the wonders that we find in the grocery store, clothing store and lumberyards. Nature does this quietly without lobbyists, lawyers, politicians, engineers, accountants, or naysayers, but, meanwhile, the public is led to believe that there is no practical answer to our energy problem.

Nothing is further from the truth. Earth receives more solar energy every day than all the energy that ever existed in all of the oil reserves. With it, the United States can become energy independent.

Using pure hydrogen, our vehicles become air cleaners. Thus, the larger the engine, the more cleaning is accomplished. The more vehicles we convert, the cleaner our air becomes. And, because hydrogen is renewable, the more hydrogen produced and used, the stronger our economy becomes.

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Marcia Greenshields, Payson

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